Growing Herbs You Use Daily

Updated: Jul 26

This Spring the decision was made to grow everything we can to use in our body products. The year started out slow and when the plants caught up, I was busy everyday picking herbs to dry. I will harvest even the smallest amount because it all adds up in the end.

Once you have medicinal plants and herbs growing in your gardens and yard, they will come up every year if they are perennial plants. Plants that come up only once are called annuals. Such as basil, peppers, and chamomile...etc.

This year we are drying all the basil too. It makes it nice to have fresh dried herbs. I grow different basils, oregano, lemon thyme, regular thyme, rosemary, sage, French tarragon and marjoram. I have collected herbs over the years because you can't always find them or seeds for them. Fresh makes all your food taste better, so create a small culinary herb garden for your home. Experiment and be bold in your cooking. Try new recipes with new herbs.

Here at Herbs, Bees and Yummi Teas, we are all about helping others help themselves. I love teaching others about herbs and medicinal plants. I believe God put us all here for a reason and mine is to serve othrs health issues as an herbalist of 15 years. Feel free to ask questions or make comments.