Nurturing Your Nature

Updated: Jul 27

Humans need #nurturing. We need human touch, such as hugging, saying I love you and kissing. We also need nature in our lives. God gave us a world of plants to heal our bodies and mind. Walking outside in the forest barefoot, letting the feel of dried leaves, rocks, twigs and pine needles on our feet is good for us. Warm sand between our toes while let the ocean water move in across your feet with each wave and sun shining on every thing.

Wildcrafting is a fun thing to me. I get to get out and check all the plants that grow in a given area. Oregon has many great areas for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors. Mullein grows wild as do mallows. They are big because of extra care. This is where I want to add to this post is I have ADHD and tend to say things differently than others. My mind doesn't intake everything as it is. I struggle with what to say and how to say it. Please don't be offended by my words. They will never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. I am of nature and the green plants and flowers are my world. I am either processing in my workshop or mostly outside tending to my different gardens. I grow most of what I use in products. That said, I feel better about what I say to others. Sleep Well and Rested with Morning dews and a cuppa yummi herbal tea.