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Useful for anything you want to put in a jar. Is easily labeled and great for creams and salves.

Comes with a white lid with an insert.


Containers 4 oz. round plastic

2 ounce containers, white and round with lid and insert included.


Containers, 2 oz. white round

$0.75 each Holds.25 oz.


Containers, Sample Size

Standard size in lotions here is 8 ounces. Try this wonderful feeling lotion that
makes your hubby say , "wow, your hands are so soft" and he is sold. I love how they absorb quickly with no oily feeling after.


Cool Citrus Basil Lotion

Round almost clear plastic container. Can be used for any product you want to roll up. Deodorant, soap, kids colored soaps, lotion bars, etc.


Deodorant Containers, Round with Lid

Very nice for deodorant or lotion bars. I use for lotion bars and it makes for a cleaner
hands and and you aren't putting your fingers in a jar.  Great for kids melt and pour soaps.


Deodorant, Empty White Plastic Containers

Made of the best ingredients.

Mango butter and aloe butter, coconut oil and

lemon grass tincture.

Lemon Grass Lip Balm


Natural Deodorant
All natural glycerin used in lotions, salves, soap etc. You can also use it for tinctures used for children and those who don't want alcohol in their tincture.


Natural Glycerin
Almond oil is one of the most used carrier oils to dilute essential oils. It also is wonderful to our skin. It absorbs easily and quickly. Our standard size here is four ounces.


Sweet Almond Oil

For the man in your life. My hubby loves these lotions because they
give him soft hands to touch me with. Absorbs well and leaves skin very soft.
8 ounce is bottle size.


Twilight Forests Lotion, Our Manly Mans Lotion
Eight ounce bottles are our standard size in Lotions. We just fell in love with these lotions because
of how well they absorbs into your skin and how it feels afterwards--soooo soft!


Wild Cherry Blossom Lotion
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