I Want to Help Others Feel Better with Traditional Medicine

Updated: Jul 26

My goal I have for my business is to help others feel better. It is that simple to say, but putting it into action is another thing. I have plans on building up a knowledge base for people to be able to look up what herbs can be used for what. I truly believe that we need to stop and think about our illnesses and bumps and bruises. We all go to the doctors way too much. We rush to the Pediatrician the minute our child coughs or sneezes or has a temperature.

We have many herbs that were given to us to help heal every illness on the planet. I believe God has all the answers anyway about everything since He created us in His likeness. We are part of this beautiful world He built for us. You can find many of these healing herbs under foot or on the side of the road. Every year I learn more and more about the medicinal plants and herbs. I find it so fascinating.

Food is good for us too when we are eating the correct foods. Having a garden throughout the year is the best thing you can do for your health. Eating right. Too much food today is manufactured somewhere in a plant. We have no idea what is really in that box. I buy fresh food, bought daily and eaten fresher is so much better for us. In Europe, meals have been prepared daily with shopping done daily. You go out in the morning early to buy your groceries from the baker, the meat guy, the fishermen and the vegetables and fruit from the gardeners. They usually have a hen house and a garden of herbs and salad stuffs out the kitchen door. These herbals gardens also had medicinal herbs to make tinctures and infusions for the health of the household too.

Using plants and herbs for our health is not new either. This is how we treated our families before the onset of Commercial Medicine. The herbs were done away with and new substances were made by the pharmacist to help with headaches to rashes. Coughs and the flu are still cured with Elderberry Syrup from scratch in my household. My mom made elderberry wine. It helped with those mid-winter colds with a cough. I cook the juice out of elderberries and mix with black tea. Makes a nice warm hot drink and help keep the flu bugs away too.

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