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A Cuppa Tea to Relax the Soul

This is my third post from my new blog. I will be gathering up all my recipes, all my favorites, my lists of things I have and will get it all on my website as quickly as I can type. I love my name as It engulfs all of those things that are important to me. Helping others is what my Father has given to me to do for my time here on Earth. Grace be with those who believe.

I really would just rather give it all away, but I do realize I can't go on like that anymore. I have to have a way to pay for all I do for others and this business is it. Volunteering is always something anyone can do. Here in OREGON we have a reading program called SMART. Start Making a Reader Today. It is for grades K-2. Every week a child gets time with a volunteer every week and every month the child gets a free book for their own library. It is a great way to spend extra time you have. Nurture Your Nature.

Then come home and contemplate what you will do next with a cup of chamomile and honey tea with a cinnamon stick to stir with. Mint to garnish with. I relax at bedtime with a cup of sleepytime extra. Chamomile and valerian root. Helps with staying asleep. The valerian root helps with sleep, relaxing and it helps the mind relax also. Nurture your nature.

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