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Infusing Herbs in Different Medium

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Bees with a part of the hive where the honey is.

The infusions I have had on the shelf are ready to be strained and used in the different recipes we have for salves, face creams and lotion bars. Infusions can be just some tea slipped into the right

temperature of water. We let it infuse for 3 minutes and it is done. When we make an herbal infusion it can infuse for as long as an hour if one wants. Drinking herbal infused water is great for our bodies. So I decided to write down the different ways to infuse herbs.

1. Honey

2. Water

3. Alcohol

4. Glycerin

5. Oils of all kinds

6. Vinegar

7. Teas

8. Decoctions


Lovely types of infusions with teas, oils of different types, such as, olive oil, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, castor oil and so many more. We can infuse with hot water also. Honey is another way of making it a medicine with infusing herbs in to it.


You can make infusions that sit in oil for 6 weeks and shake daily, you can make an easy herbal tea sweetened with stevia and a wonderful honey infusion made with herbs for coughing. Tinctures can be a wonderful ingredient in winter syrup for sore throats or for coughing from a bug you caught while out.

You can make a wonderful rinse for your hair made from rosemary tea. Infuse with hot water and let sit for a day in the water. Drain and it is ready to use on your hair after you have washed it. Gives it a darker color and makes it soft and shiny

Don't let it stop you if you think you can do wrong. Usually you just find something new. The internet is so full of information about herbs, how to raise them. How to dry herbs. How to store herbs. And it goes on and on. There are so many different blogs out there that you can educate yourself with. It amazes me so many women want to get back to the basics. I love it.

Massage Warm Rocks

God has given us the cure for everything that can make us ill. I truly believe it. Why would you find so many helpful wild herbs along the road? So travelers can find herbal medicine when it is needed. St. Johns wort, red clover, chamomile, mullein, purslane, plantain, Queen Ann's lace (wild carrot) and self heal. There are more, but that list does great for so much.

I have all of these herbs in dry form, teas of all kinds, oils of different kinds and so much more for making your own home made products. We carry what you are looking for in containers to put your creations in too. Small ones and Large ones. Some glass and some plastic. Infused oils are easy to make, usually glass is best. When I am planning to make a recipe, I start infusing herbs into the oils I am going to use and waters, if any. I will use green tea instead of just plain water. Rose water and Orange Flower water can be bought at Market of Choice in Eugene. They make wonderful creams for the face, in small amounts. Luxurious feeling when your ingredients are a step above just regular ingredients. Keep some oils and herbs on hand so you are ready to make what products you love the most.

I make my own face creams from infused oils. The oil mixture I love the most is my Three Flower Oil. I use yarrow flowers, calendula flowers and elder flowers, in fused 6 weeks in coconut oil.

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