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So Many Things to Remember...

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

It is a great knowing you have done something so amazing as make your own eCommerce store/Blog. I am having a great time creating, choosing photos and deciding what I want to say at all those places too. I have completed getting a mailbox -- There it is, my new website email address. I am also expecting everyone I know to sign up for my newsletter too. I will be having prizes, fun things to do and samples sent out of some things I have. You never know what will happen at this blog. Different is what I am going to call me and my blog- different. If anyone has any suggestions for me, just send me an email or text. I am open to things. That is how one learns. I will be pushing the bees on all my posts and in everything I do. We are not giving this epidemic of them dying enough action. it is so important that everyone support bees and help keep those around your area safe.

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